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Plasitor is a flexible woven wire diamond pattern mesh.



Retains shape and elasticity
Plasitor has solid core wires by which the shape of the fence is maintained. This results in a userfriendly installation. The elasticity is provided by the interwoven wires.


Long lifetime

The coating technology of Betafence is state of the art and guarantees an extra high longevity.
After galvanising the wire is given an extra protection coating of durable PVC.


Support for climbing plants

Plasitor can be installed with a top rail which makes it the ideal fencing for covering with vegetation.
Appropriate size of posts is indicated.


Ideal for

The professional fencing of garden and court yards, playgrounds, sport fields, tennis courts, factories and workshops.




Plasitor is made out of hard steel wire with simple torsion.
The mesh has a diamond pattern.
Edges are knuckled at both sides.
Type 50/3,70: one side knuckled and one side barbed. Length of rolls: 25 m.



The steel wires of Plasitor are galvanised and then plastic coated.
The posts are in and outside galvanised (min. coating 275g/m², both sides together), in accordance with Euro norm 10326.
Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied and finally the posts are plastic coated (min. 60 micron).



Fence: green BF6073 or black 3090
Posts: green RAL 6005, some types black RAL 9005



Welded tubular round posts.



Line & binding wires
Tension collets
Wire tensioners
Tension bars
Top rails
Bent arms
Coated barbed wires



The Plasitor system is completed by a range of high technology gates type Fortinet or Robust: single and double swing and sliding gates.

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