Decofor Recto

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The Decofor Recto system is a complete decorative fencing system developed for design oriented and rigid fencing solutions.




Complete system

Decofor Recto consists of panels of different heights, adapted posts, single and double gates and installation accessories. All of one uniform design.


High longevity

The coating technology of Betafence is state of the art and guarantees a high longevity. After galvanising an adhesion coating is applied for a perfect bond with the fi nal polyester coating.



Decofor Recto is a professional fence with a contemporary design (model protected). The panels are robust and yet extremely elegant and decorative. The panels, posts and gates are perfectly harmonised.


Easy installation

The system is very easy to install. All elements are precisely integrated. Decofor Recto allows installation between and on walls.


Ideal for

Private gardens, parks, schools, public buildings and pedestrian fence.




The Decofor Recto panels are out of heavy welded fence, 2015 mm wide and available in 4 heights. The mesh size is 200 x 65 mm.
The wires are very strong: horizontal double wires 8 mm and vertical 6 mm.


Coating process

Decofor recto panels, posts and gates are first galvanised.
Afterwards an adhesion coating is applied for perfect bond with the final polyester coating. The minimum coat is 100 micron (panels) and 60 micron (posts and gates).


Colours for Decofor Recto

Green (RAL 6005), white (RAL 9010) and black (RAL 9005).



Decofor Recto is totally finished and safely equipped with single and double Decofor gates. for more info, see tab ‘Gates’.


Posts & fixing system

The posts are welded square tubular posts with profile of 60 x 60 x 1,50 mm. For more info see tab “Posts & Accessories”.



Decofor Recto
W x H (mm)

Height of the posts
For anchoring (mm)

Height of the posts
Aluminium floorplate (mm)

2015 x 886



2015 x 1086



2015 x 1286



2015 x 1486




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