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Securifor is a high security panel system with small rectangular apertures.




Vandal resistant

The finger-proof aperture of Securifor combined with 4mm wire diameter provides a substantial barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. Almost impossible to cut wires by use of conventional bolt or wirecutters.


Secure and discreet

Securifor is the ultimate system for providing a high degree of security where a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment is essential.


Efficient deterrence

An effective deterrent to intruders available in various heights up to 6m – specially designed for high security applications. Compatible with electronic alarm and detection systems.


Good viewing visibility

In spite of the small mesh aperture the see-through characteristics of Securifor remain unimpaired when viewed head-on and even at an angle to the fence. This is particularly important for clear camera surveillance.



Low maintenance and long life resulting from high quality coating.


Complete system

Securifor is supplied as a complete system with panels, posts toppings entanglements and gates – stepped panels available to suit sloping sites. Securifor can be installed with three different post types.


Ideal for

All applications where total security is essential: warehouses, distribution centres, power plants, laboratories, computer centres, financial institutions, military sites, penitentiaries, etc.
For specific applications (e.g. prisons) particular solutions can be proposed.





The Securifor panels are made of heavy, high security welded mesh of 2518,6 mm width. Several Securifor panels can be installed as multilift. Panels in one piece up to of 6 m high are also available.
For maximum security the mesh is: 12,7 x 76,2 mm (H x W), with a 4 mm wire diameter guarantees security.
Weld strength is minimum of 50% to steel strength guaranteed on every weld.
In tests, performed by specialised police departments, the mesh had a delay factor 40x greater than other fence products – a vital requirement to capture potential escapees.
Securifor is fully tested to security standards in several European countries.



Panels of Securifor are made out of galvanised wires. An adhesion coating is given for perfect bonding with the polyester coating (min. 100 micron).
The panels are also available coated in Zincalu Super (95% zinc, 5% aluminium) or galvanised and polyester coated for long life protection.



Standard colour: green RAL 6005
Zincalu Super coating: on request.
More and other colours are available on request.



Securifor can be used with posts with rectangular profile and fixing pieces and with Post system Bekasecure.



The Securifor system is supplied with matching gates using the same high security mesh infill as the fence.



The upper side of the panels can be reinforced with a U-profile of 35 x 13 x 2485 mm (length depending on section of post). Also galvanised and plastic coated.



Height Fence

Dimensions Panel
B x H (mm)

Post length


2518.6 x 2010.6



2518.6 x 2417.0



2518.6 x 3001.2



2518.6 x 3674.3



2518.6 x 4004.5



2518.6 x 4690.3



2518.6 x 5325.3



2518.6 x 6011.1



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