Bekasport Post

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Bekasport posts are rectangular tubular posts with plastic sound damping clips, specially developed for the Bekasport system.




Maximum height

The Bekasport post system is available for ball-stop in heights up to 6 m.


Very high rigidity

The use of Nylofor 2D Super panels makes the whole systeem extremely rigid.


Limited impact on neighbourhood

The available sound damping clips limit strongly the noise generated by impact on the fence.


Ideal for




Technical info

The rectangular posts Bekasport are equipped with plastic sound damping clips.
Thanks to a special insert in the posts these clips are located within the post.
This means that the cip is an installation aid for hanging the panels.
After hanging, the panel is fixed to the Bekasport post by means of adapted steel clips.



When installing Bekasport posts in a concrete wall, it is necessary to make sure that water is not able to remain inside the post.

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