Temporary Fence Panel with Tow Support Tubes

Ask for Budget

Removable panels system in electro welded mesh.
Welded support posts to the mesh on the sides for mounting with PVC / Concrete support base.
Economic removable fences system.




High Rigidity

The panels have horizontal reinforcing ribs, which give consistency to the panels. The welded tube allows a greater connection between the post and the mesh giving greater consistency to panel.


Complete System

Together with the bases PVC / Concrete system is a practical and easy application and high mobility.


Hight Durability

Panels and tubes are galvanized for a longer duration and resistance against rust.


Quick installation

Easy conection between panels and posts.


Ideal for:

Any aplicaion that needs a temporary fence.




Upper ends of defense for protection, system lateral grooves to facilitate the conection between the panels.
The panel assembly is simple and only need to put the bases and put the panels.
The panel of 2.00 m height based on 3.50 m wide.

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